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V 2.1  (2008-09-09)


TablePad is a tool to edit table-structured text files. You can read CSV files and also import tables from SQL databases via ODBC. The program is free under the GNU public license. Some features of TablePad:Download latest release from .
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Import from Databases

The menu entry "Import" starts a wizard to import from SQL databases.

Export to Excel

An open table can be saved as Excel document. Use the menu entry "File - Export as Excel ...".
Note: Excel export requires an installed Excel on your computer !



Before reading the text file you can configure the file properties and see the results immediately in a preview window.



A combination of column separators, quotes, and other properties describing your file structure can be saved as "configuration". Configurations you can manage with File - Option menu command. The default configuration will be initially selected in the preview dialog and  is marked with an asterisk.

Options - Configurations

Main Window

Main window